There are 10 levels of play starting with Jack level 1, then 2, then 3 and etc., just as there are 10 metal jacks in the floor game. Using a 3 card deal + a pull off the deck to total 4 cards in hand, players play as individuals or teams making spreads of pairs and straights. Match a bonus BALL card with that particular Jack Level card and calling "BALL JACKS" will earn you that level and extra bonus points. Calling "BALL JACKS" first will set your opponents back as they add and deduct points caught in their hands. Too bad!!  Crush your opponents by preventing them from making spreads. Highest points win! Forget about being friends... "THIS IS WAR!!!!"  .....NOW LET'S TEAM UP AND CLEAN HOUSE!..Has 3 variation of play!

Heavy Plastic coated
Professionally made
Months of rugged use
Very easy to play with hours of fun and excitement filled with cut throat strategies and competitive moves  Highest points at end of 10 levels of play wins. For Adults and ages 8 and up for family fun. For 2- 4 players.  Great for casino play!
ORDER Your New Set Of BALL (s) and JACKS  PLAYING CARDS GAME TODAY! .........  Instructions and beautifully boxed

$12.99 2 day FREE SHIPPING/ sold in USA only

"Rated # 1 by players as being as fun to play as the two top selling card games in the world...."


​The world famous Ball and Metal Jacks floor game has finally been turned into the worlds first Ball & Jacks playing cards game, but without the ball and metal jacks. WOW! ....

If you loved and remember the old fashion Ball and Metal Jacks floor game, you'll love this first and original Ball & Jacks playing cards table game based on the same principle except much better. Our card game is a 108 card deck consisting of 80 Jack cards and 27 Special Cards consisting of Red Ball cards, Wild cards, Skip cards and Throw 2 cards. The remaining 80 cards are called Jack Cards. Consist only of mix numbers in consecutive straights and connecting pairs of many like numbers. No Kings, Queens, Jacks, A's, Clubs, Hearts, Diamon, Spades.

"Patent Pending"
Floor Ball & Jack is No More! Just a challenging, lovable table card game
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"10 Levels Shuffel" Family Fun
Family Playing Card games -  Classic set of Jacks and Ball -  Playing Card Game - 3 different game variation in one deck!
Play some what like  Poker and Spades - ONLY BETTER!
        FAMILY FUN!

  Adults - Children -Friends

  CASINO PLAY - Adults

                         3 Variations
10 Level shuffel -  Team War - Winner Take All